South Carolina is the BEST State

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Home is where the heart is. Whether you’re currently living in South Carolina or have lived here in the past, there’s no doubt your heart is in the Palmetto State. That’s because South Carolina is the best place to live in America.

What is it they say? “You can take yourself out of South Carolina, but you can never take South Carolina out of you.” Here are 16 reasons why South Carolina is the best state.

1. We definitely have some gorgeous mountains…
and the views to match!

2. More than 20 of the most amazing beaches you've ever seen…
all within hours, or even minutes, from your front door.

3. With 47 South Carolina State Parks…
you can pick a new one to explore every weekend!

4. Everyone is dedicated to historic preservation.

5. The people in South Carolina are the heart and soul of this great state…
and that truly makes South Carolina the BEST place to live.

6. Great patio dining spots…
make the arrival of Spring even sweeter.

7. South Carolina has some of the BEST Main Streets in the country!

8. And waterfront dining all over the state with great views…
makes South Carolina a great place to live or visit.

9. We have the BEST sunrises…

10. and best sunsets in the world!

11. South Carolina is full of secret spots in nature where you can just relax.

12. There are countless places in the Palmetto State that will bring out the explorer in anyone.

13. South Carolina is home to the BEST restaurants.

14. And amazing camping spots for the whole family.

15. SC has lots of gorgeous lakes for loads of fun this summer.

16. And a beautiful scenic drive is never too far away.

What do you think?

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