A Best Place to Live in South Carolina is Greenville

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Tropical beaches and sea islands, South Carolina lies in the southeast of the United States and has a whole host of darling towns and villages to explore.

Hilton Head Island, infamous Myrtle Beach and of course Charleston, home to Fort Sumter; the list of reasons to love little old SC goes on and on! This state once thrived on agriculture and natural resources but in more modern times there is a big industry for steel and machinery production, meaning jobs are in no short supply.

Talking about jobs, what other factors do we need to take into consideration when seeking a new place to live?

Some would say access to public schools, others would say cost of living, some would have a strong focus on seeking a town with the lowest crime rates. In reality, it is all these factors, and a few more, that we think about when searching for a new abode.

We appreciate that finding all that information in one place can be quite a challenge so we have risen to the occasion and created our list of the 15 best places to live in South Carolina, taking into account all the facts, figures and statistics that are important to you!

15. Greenville, SC

Once again we return back to earth and land in Greenville. We have discussed suburbs of this thriving city already and although coming in 15th on our list, Greenville is certainly worthy of its place here.

Rent in Greenville is phenomenally affordable, averaging $765 a month. Being this low means that many tenants will find themselves being able to rent bigger, more modern homes than they would elsewhere in the state.

Being a city you have access to all the social opportunities you could wish for, you’re never too far from a hipster bar, trendy workout class or art exhibition to keep your mind ticking over.

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