Greenville, SC is One of the Prettiest Cities in the South

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Southerners have a longstanding appreciation for pretty things. Grand columned antebellum homes, snow-white fields of cotton, Mama’s hot buttermilk biscuits—we like having a little eye candy on the horizon. That’s why we take major pride in our cities and all of their charming qualities.

From the historic avenues of the beautiful cities to the white sandy beaches of the shore, the mountain vistas to the river views, the South boasts some truly good-looking spots just begging to be wandered and adored.

Quirky college cities, lazy beach towns, historic coastal hubs, and bustling metropolises make up the pulsing heart and the pretty fa├žade of the South. You’ll see some timeless beauties and some fresh-faced gems grace our list of prettiest cities in the South. Guess which city was number 1 on the list?

6. Greenville, South Carolina

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