Greenville, SC: Fourth Fastest-Growing City in US

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A recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau probably won't shock many who've watched the fast-paced development and influx of jobs in Greenville within the past decade.

The city of Greenville is the fourth-fastest-growing city in the nation — growing by 5.8% as of last July from the year before, to 67,453.

The city's share of population is but a fraction of the nearly 500,000 people estimated to live in Greenville County, but the rate of growth over the years shows a pattern of re-urbanization.

Just less than a decade ago, the city was trying to attract people but had been unsuccessful in growing its population since suburban flight began in the 1960s.

It was just frustrating that people weren’t choosing to live in the city. This reflects that more people are choosing to live in the city than we’ve seen in many decades. We’ve been steadily reversing 40 years of declining city population.

The city has been investing steadily in infrastructure, such as a new city park planned west of downtown, and has seen surpluses in tax revenues that will be set aside to accommodate further growth in population.

The city's revitalization downtown has paid dividends in attracting people and development, whether it's renovation of homes, new homes slated, or the proliferation of luxury apartment growth.

In particular, pay attention to job-growth numbers in the area.

For anyone who looks at the statistics on job growth in the Upstate, you walk away from that analysis with a positive perspective. City officials are clearly working on the concept of re-urbanization. Greenville’s very well positioned for continued to growth.

Ten of the 15 fastest-growing cities, with populations of 50,000 or more, were pinned across the South last year.

Gov. Henry McMaster is not surprised by Greenville's ranking.

Meanwhile, a new analysis of the entire Upstate predicts that the region will welcome more than 300,000 new residents, reaching a total population of almost 1.75 million people by 2040, an increase of 64 percent since 1990 and bypassing growth forecast rates for the Charleston and Columbia areas.

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